Sound system update - 6/8/14

Sound went well this morning. I picked up the Mackie VLZ 1604 "Pro" from the repair shop, I swapped out the boards before church this morning  and it wasn't repaired properly ! The right channel tape in and right main out STILL doesn't work, I will be swapping back after church today and returning the board to the shop to be fixed properly! A New Shure wireless handheld and a lapel / earworm / bodypack are on their way and will be installed soon. I was informed this morning that the Nursery/child care has not been using the aux speaker in the and doesnt need to be set up. Once the board problem finally gets fixed  I planned on putting one of the Vox processors in the rack and begin using. Were also looking for (ideally) 2 more people that would be willing and able to run the board once every 5th week to once a month



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